Holistic Therapist / Facialist

Born and raised in Ehime Prefecture of Shikoku, Japan. I grew up surrounded by nature.

Inspired by my grandmother, I've been interested in beauty and health since I was a teenager. Although I didn't have confidence in studying. I was working as a receptionist in a department store in my early twenties. There were many high end cosmetics, brands, and I often purchased them. These brands gave me temporary satisfaction, which made me selfish and egotistic. One day, I fell into a dark place in both mind and body. I felt a gap between who I was and who I was trying to be. That was the beginning of my journey as a Holistic Therapist.

I changed jobs and started studying the things that I found interesting. Not only beauty. I've been working in Holistic Beauty for ten years. I'm learning many things everyday through my clients. 

Mindfulness is being present in the moment. That's my purpose of life. I want to give my clients the experience of Mindfulness.

  • New York State Licensed Esthetician

  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Australia

  • Japan Aroma essential Association Certificated Aroma Essential Coordinator

  • Aigasho Certificated Meridian-Body Treatment Therapy

  • Aigasho Certificated Alpha Hand Therapist and Instructor

  • International Open Academy Certificated Holistic Therapy