We use professional products that are supportive for extremely sensitive skin such as eczema.
The products are based on natural remedies that leads to healthy mind and body.

Oil Massage


Get a Facial refresh your mind and body. All facials include facial massage. We offer 3 types of facials and 2 types of massages.

Hand massage or Alpha Hand massage

Standard Facial   70 min $80

Deep cleaning of your skin. Release facial stiffness through professional massage with facial mask hydrated with rich licorice extract. Prevent and improves trouble areas of the skin. Leads to smooth and healthy skin.

ZEN Facial 90 min $120

Uses singing bowl for meditation at the beginning and end of the session for auditory relaxation. Variety of organic ingredients (Green Tea, Honey, Orange, Rose, Lavender, etc.) naturally detoxify pores, and charges your skin.

Radiance Facial 100 min $180

Special anti-aging care. Uses luxury cosmetics containing BIO-culture and other ingredients to rejuvenate and enhance your skin at the cellular level. Infusing luxurious hyaluronic acid and collagen to your skin fixes winkles and sagging. You will get clear and more resilient skin. (Includes head and scalp massage)

Body Works

Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Qi, Swedish, Oriental medicine... our therapists combines all methodologies to create your special massages. Relieves muscle tension, promotes energy flow and brings a deeply relaxing experience.

60 min $80

90 min $120

120 min $160

Reflexology Therapy
Reiki Treatment


Gives foot and sole massage that focuses on reflex maps of points and areas of the body in the feet. The sole of your foot is called the second heart. Stimulation by massage supports healthy circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, and immune system functioning.

30min $40
40min $60
60min $80

Head and Scalp Massage

Simple but ultimate relaxation massage. Thoughtful massage to the neck and shoulders which are easy to be stiff. Reduces muscle tension, heals damaged scalp, reduces inflammation, and helps balance the nervous system. Promotes mindfulness.

30min $40
40min $60
60min $80