Alpha Hand Massage

Reset your mind using the ultimate facial massage

Alpha Hand is a type of micro-current facial treatment that is done without gloves. That means the client can directly feel the micro-current through the therapist's hands.Because the therapist massages clients face directly the client can feel the warmth and micro-current. The relaxing micro-current improves circulation of your face and entire body which lead to a deeper relaxation. It can improve your skin in the many different ways.


Alpha hand was developed by Dr. Shiga of Brain Function Research Center.  (The Brain Function Research Center studies brain power development method to show " brain potential”.)

Dr. Shiga clinically experimented with professional facial massage to improve autonomic nervous system functioning. His research won the Presidential Gold Award in 2011 as well as praise from a mental training and development industry.

“The person that control the balance of their autonomic nervous system succeeds in life."


Quoted by Dr Kobayashi autonomic nervous system specialist and medical faculty of the

University of Juntendo. The autonomic nervous system and our health are deeply related.


Alpha Hand not only affects skin’s beauty, it supports a healthy mind and body.


Recommended for people who want to...

  • Decrease pores size for pore-less skin

  • Get a face-lift

  • Improve trouble skin

  • Relive stress and anxiety

  • Slim their face

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